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These new regulations do not apply to Northern Ireland.

Their victim, who was reported missing in England in 2004, was taken to Northern Ireland by Mr Baker, where she was kept in a filthy room with no heat, light bulb or carpet.

During her years of captivity, the Bakers repeatedly filmed themselves carrying out their sick attacks on their naked and helpless victim.

The victim was completely isolated from the rest of society.

Where an additional bedroom is required because a child or non-dependent adult in the household requires overnight care, the additional room allowance will not be given if it has already been awarded in respect of the claimant or the claimant’ partner.

Where adults are claiming that they cannot share due to a bedroom, they must show that it is not sufficient to simply put two single beds in the room and, in both cases, the person with a disability must be in receipt of certain sickness related benefits.

Her first words when she was released from captivity were: ‘Yes.

Freedom.’ Keith Baker was arrested in January 2013, at which time he claimed he had rescued the victim from an abusive relationship.

In November 2016, the Supreme Court decided that there was an "inexplicable inconsistency" in the different treatment of adults and children with disabilities under the provisions of the social sector size criteria.

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