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It seems Now the situation is more balanced, we hope next August will be better also under the weather point of view, last year has been raining all the time.

The Bliss Beach Club has been built on private owned land and all the concrete structures are within 3 meters the limit allowed by the Thai Law.

We haven’t been affected at all by the law enforcement unlike the most of the beach clubs in Surin and Bangtao. When I’ve been appointed GM of the Bliss I’ve been asked to choose a name for the beach club.

Being soundproofed they can choose a different music.

Tell us something about the restaurant Our chef Alexander, has been working with me since day one.

Absolutely, making kids happy is part of our mission. The other one is a sort of prepaid card with 3 different options and discounts: against 10,000 THB we provide 12,000 THB orders (Donald Trump card), against 25,000 THB we provide 31,000 THB orders (Richard Branson card) and against 50,000 THB we provide 65,000 THB orders (Rockfeller card).

Surprisingly the most popular options has been the Rockfeller one. Unfortunately last season we had a decreasing turnover due mainly to a monopolizing tourism on Phuket from Russia and China , many of pur customers preferred to spend their Holidays in Khao Lak.

I love buffet but in the traditional way has it many downsides, such us food staying too long in the trays and the very unconfortable situaton to stand being in queue when you could be enjoying a conversation with your family and friends at the table.

To resolve these inconvenients we introduced a new buffet concept we named “butler brunch”, where starters, main courses, second courses and desserts are served by our staff on request.

We have a nice green lawn with very old pine trees between the sandy beach and the tek flooring area and a roofed top space that ends up in the bar/kitchen space to welcome our guests in case of bad weather.

We have a kids dedicated area very important to me, despite I’m not a father yet, I really love kids and for this reason I organize once every two month a fun day for the children who lost their parents after the tsunami in 2004.

My experience in Samui lasted 6 years, after so much time spent there I felt the need to change and I moved to Phuket where I’ve been offerd a position as GM in a well know resort, my duty was to take care of the 3 restaurants, the bar and the beach club.