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Calibrated vs uncalibrated carbon dating

The earlier radiocarbon dates in this database were calculated using an estimated correction factor.

The results window will display the following fields: site name, site number; lab number; conventional radiocarbon age; LA report number; and view.

All search results can be sorted by site name, site number, lab number, conventional radiocarbon age, or LA report number.

It should be noted that calibrated dates using an estimated correction factor may result in an unreliable calibrated date.

In some cases of earlier reported dates it is unknown whether the date provided was a conventional date or a measured radiocarbon date.

As new cultural resource management reports that contain radiocarbon dates are added to our library, the dates will be entered into the database.

In some cases, dates may be published in other venues such as newsletters, journals and dissertations that would not necessarily be sent to our office.

The date is presented in years before present (BP). The calibration program used to produce the calibrated medians and calibrated 2 sigma ranges.

This is the reference for the calibrated dates presented in the table.

Date or date range searches may also be restricted to a specific parish.

The decision not to include a calibrated date search was based on the fact that the calibrated dates are subject to change depending on the calibration program used and the continual improvements in the calibration curve.

The database can also be searched for a specific date or date range.