Start Chat sex jkt

Chat sex jkt

A big plus is that girls are used to foreigners and most of them can follow a basic conversation in English.

Plenty of girls to choose from and the mamasans will be helpful with your decision.

D`s Place, Top Gun and My Bar were the most popular bars when I visited Blok M the last time.

English language is no problem here because the owners of the bars target their places mainly to the expat community.

In Google Maps, type the following latitude and longitude coordinates. It should give you a pretty close idea where to find the Pen-J bars in Jakarta.

If you are familiar to the Soi 6 venues in Pattaya, Thailand then that is what you find here in Jakarta in the Pen J bars.

No need to come to Blok M before 8pm and even that is probably to early.

I had the feeling that most of the freelance girls do not arrive earlier than 9 or 10pm.

If your hotel is located in the Kota area then its necessary to use a taxi to get to Blok M.