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House wife sex chat story

********************************************************** Christine called on me again. I knew she had something in mind but we chatted for a while. "Come on Christine you obviously want to talk about something, and I guess it has to do with sex." She responded. "I've spoken to everybody and they all want more." I said to her." There was one couple that were very reserved; especially the man and I don't think he would be up for more." "Oh, you mean Mustafa and Saleen, they said that though they hadn't wanted to do more as the first subjects they would like to experience some fun." She continued.

Simon, her husband, nominated Bill again so they took their places. "I guess I will have to get naked." She clicked on the link of a teenager in a dress. "I guessed right." She said and stripped quickly giving a twirl to show off. Let's choose a victim for the first one." Everyone said why not go in the same order and Saleen protested a little then said.

Her smug look disappeared quickly as the teen striped very quickly and was shown using a rabbit to make herself come. At this point we took a short break for drinks and comfort breaks and then Allan said. "I have the best odds of not having too much to do so why not?

We had arrived early and Allan had connected our gear to the Wi-Fi and HDMI to the 50 inch TV on Christine's wall. There were many questions about what was happening and eventually I asked Allan to explain. All the pictures on the pages have links to the full set of pictures of the woman who will strip some or all of her clothes." "The first page will have links to reasonably mild sets where the ultimate would be stripping completely naked, but there is one 'live round' that would require a man to strip and do whatever is depicted.

As there are only six women to play there might not be more to do as there are twelve pics to each page." "The husband of the woman choosing the original pic will nominate one of the other men to interact should it prove necessary." Allan continued." The other pages will build on the first one in what happens but whoever clicks on the link, and the nominated man will do whatever is depicted in the pictures shown." Allan went on.

As the trousers went down they revealed what looked to be quite a large cock inside his boxers and Rula was a little taken aback.

She got his feet out of the trouser legs and reached up to stroke him through the boxers. "That wasn't shown in the pictures, just get it over with.

When Allan got home I explained about her visit and he thought about it for a while. "I've been thinking about this and, as I understand it, she wants real sex between mismatched couples.

But you do need an icebreaker and that kind of thing on the internet is fairly naff.

Christine proceeded to get naked and posed in the revealing positions. "Everyone agreed and she clicked a link which opened a page that just had her strip.

There was a lot of noise about how the women would be showing loads soon and the others couldn't wait to see what was next. No more, so she did that and posed naked then re-dressed. "I had hoped it would have been the one with the man in it so I am disappointed." Rula stepped up and her husband Peter selected Mustafa as the man to interact should it be necessary, she clicked on a very restrained looking woman.

This is not a spectator evening." "Rule three is that, whatever happens here stays here. You have to agree to the rules or we can't start" There was quite a bit of low level chatter between the couples and eventually all agreed. I asked Saleen and Mustafa if they were really sure as Mustafa had been reluctant even for his wife to get naked let alone really swing. "We talked a lot about this and decided we would go for it." I said. Just so we can be sure Saleen, how about you choose first?