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With his reputation going before him, Alexander was met by Egypt's Persian governor Mazaces.

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Zeleo bih ovim putem da pronagjem sebi odobu sa kojom chu zajednichki provesti ostatatak zivota u harmoniji, ljubavlju, uzajamnom poshtovanju, normalan mushkarac sa modernism svachanjima, normalnu osobu za zajednichki Am Richard George.

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After conquering Persia's naval bases all along the coastline of Asia Minor and Syria-Palestine, Alexander marched south into Egypt where he remained for some six months.

Although generally regarded as little more than an eccentric diversion, Alexander's Egyptian sojourn was essential to his future plans.

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The Persians showed relatively little respect for the ancient traditions and were deeply unpopular, and the Egyptians' had rebelled so often parts of the country remained virtually independent.

Alexander was therefore hailed as Savior and Liberator, and as the people's choice and legitimate heir he was offered the double crown of the Two Lands.

Others such as the historian Herodotus and philosopher Plato came to study a culture they regarded with awe as the cradle of civilization, their knowledge almost certainly part of Alexander's education.