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The track 'No Good' was produced by Rome Ramirez from Sublime.

Traveled to New York and played extensively showcasing the songwriting talents of lead vocalist Ray Miles, and bass guitarist Tim Dingle.

Miles attended Frederick Douglass High School then Julliard and Manhattan Schools of Music. The other members were Northwestern High School grads Darrell Brown (guitar), and Gregory Lloyd (keyboards), and Ralph Brown (drums) from Edmonson High School.

This version of the group pictured on Page 3 of BS2 book - 4/2013 *************************** Rock group listed in BS-2 with sound similar to Jethro Tull.

Single release shown below has Glen Burnie address. (45) - Eastern 13/14 --- Fast Exposure Blues / The Old Place added 2/2013 *************************** Allego Entertainment was a talent agency owned and operated by vocalist/keyboardist Donna Harris (Dusty Roads, Impulse, Spring Fever, Rumors).

Addendum to Baltimore Sounds As fate would have it, the day the final copy was submitted to the printer, I discovered more records that were not included in the new and improved updated version. This page will present additions and (hopefully not too many) corrections.

The same weekend I attended the monthly Arbutus music collectibles show and discovered yet another local 45 record. Just as the spirit of the book, artists represented here are from the Baltimore regional area and may or may not have released records.

Their original songs included "That's Rock and Roll Music," "I Wish I Could Help Everybody," and "Try Little Girl." - added 1/2013 *************************** Saxophonist Al "Madman" Baitch performed with a virtual who's who of Baltimore musicians as well as major stars in a career that spanned over seven decades.

See his bio in BS-2 - 9/2012 Al Baitch circa 1973 *************************** Rock, pop, punk, reggae band from Aberdeen, MD formed in 1995.

Members were Barney Davis (guitar, vocals), Dave Chappell (lead guitar), Jack Di Pietro (bass), and Doug Kemp (drums).

Performances included Back of the Vac, Kadiz Caravan (New Years Eve party)... *************************** See group bio in BS-2 The Barn Burners 2000 CD "Alibis" (Run Wild 810) Bob Kannenberg (guitar), Bonanza D.

Tour highlights include: 311 Pow Wow Festival (2011), 311 Caribbean Cruise (2012 & 2013), California Roots (2013), The Bamboozle (2012), and the entire Vans Warped Tour 2012. Members Marc Browne (vocals, guitar), Cory Deere (bass), Brian Lichty (guitar), and Dave Pommerehn (drums).