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The key would be to surround yourself with good people that care for you, and that you are willing to help." The same goes for people who divorce.

Once an abuser uses physical violence, they are likely to intensify their assaults and increase the woman’s risk of harm and serious life-threatening injury. Non-physical forms of abuse are as harmful to women as physical abuse.

Violence is used to intimidate, humiliate or frighten victims, or to make them feel powerless.

Men can also be abused, but the term 'woman abuse' recognizes that women are most often the victims of abuse and men are most often the perpetrators.

If you divorce and feel happy, then I wouldn't worry too much about the potential negative health effects." Women may fare better on their own than men do.

"When we look at singles and health, we see that women tend to be OK and men not so much, most likely for the same reasons men benefit more from marriage," Fagundes says.

Abuse against women occurs in families of all socioeconomic, educational and cultural backgrounds and is found in both rural and urban settings.

Women in lesbian relationships can also be at risk for abuse.

"The general consensus is that, yes, cohabiting has positive effects but not to the same degree as marriage," Fagundes says. One reason may be that chronic stress from a bad marriage may affect the immune system, and women may be particularly vulnerable.