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Www east co uk dating

Richard Macer heads to Oxfordshire, one of the most expensive counties in the country, to investigate if building estates across the British countryside can help the UK's struggling housing market.

Meanwhile, Surrey-based motorbike cleaner Dave meets hoarder Les, who lives with a mountain of car boot purchases and junk in the West Midlands.

Elsewhere, Hayley and the team also clean some microwaves (subtitles) (repeat)Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help prospective buyers in Wiltshire to find properties that meet their demands.

Meanwhile, a puppy is rushed to the veterinary practice after being hit by a van, and Noel must deal with the risk of infection as he fights to save its limb.

Plus, a Labrador undergoes an awkward operation for two bulging discs (subtitles) (repeat)Specialist crime scene cleaner Mick not only cleans up after murders and suicides, but also spends up to four hours a day keeping his one bedroom flat spotless.

Meanwhile, Bailey remains unimpressed when Izzie uses some of her inheritance to pay for a patient's spinal operation.

TR Knight and Kate Walsh star A wealthy man is found dead in his bed, and the team receive an anonymous tip that he was murdered.

He also sees if he can bag a bargain in Orlando's busiest shopping centre, has an appointment with a spiritualist and visits the coastal town of St Augustine, where he gets to drink from the Fountain of Youth (subtitles) (repeat)Property expert Ann Maurice offers advice to the owner of a four-bedroom Victorian villa in Garelochhead, Argyll and Bute.